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Education is the revolution which shall change the World. It is the enlightenment with which one can make wonders and reach the top of its achievements. However, these achievements come very hard. One needs the right education, the right choice and the selection to excel in life. Tax Point India helps for the same by providing the right education, one just needs to make the right choice and selection.
At Tax Point India, we try to deliver high-quality education materials and MCQ-based Test Series to cater to the needs of various users. We provide excellent IT infrastructure with eye-soothing presentations of our educational Materials and Test series.

Our founder, CA Vikash Mundhra has vast experience in the field of teaching especially taxation. A brief profile is as under:

He is a practising Chartered Accountant and a qualified Company Secretary. His journey towards becoming an author started with his first book on Income Tax for graduation courses published in 2002. He is also writing study material on Tax Laws for the Institute of Cost Accountants of India (ICMAI) at Inter (Paper 7) and Final (Paper 15) levels. He is a regular contributor to various journals and bulletins He is the founder of https://taxpointindia.com. He is visiting faculty to:

- The Institute of Company Secretaries of India - EIRC;

- The Institute of Cost Accountants of India (ICMAI); &

- The Bhawanipur Education Society College, Kolkata

Why Tax Pint India?
  • Style of Teaching - We don’t follow the traditional teaching techniques which are based mainly on a teacher explaining a topic and students taking notes, but we use unique teaching methods like involving memory techniques to memorise things faster, using real-life examples to make them understand the concepts better
  • Quality Content - Before delivering the lectures, thorough research is done and concepts are well backed up by real-life examples. While delivering the lectures, the concepts are explained in an easy language so as to make students understand.
  • Good balance between “exam orientation & practical life" - We try to maintain a balance between the type of content delivered. We not only ensure that students study things which are important from an exam point of view but we also make sure that students are well aware of concepts which will help him to apply the knowledge in his practical life 
  • Cost - Education is the right of each and every mankind. So that we will make available quality education to the students at affordable prices. We don't want one preparation suffers because of money.
  • Charts - We provide charts and modern tools to students to make revision easy.
  • Doubt Clearance - We love connecting with students and helping them with all their doubts and way of learning. We try to resolve doubts as fast as possible within 24-48 hours. Here we are holding your hands not only for your exam but also for your confidence building. In short, we believe in long-term association even after exams.
  • Tech Support - Software issues are handled by our efficient technical team. We try to resolve all the technical doubts within a time span of 24-48 hours (excluding non-working days). We don’t want to disturb the flow of studies of students, therefore we’re working day and night to make our technical team even more efficient.
  • Connectivity - We stay in regular touch with our students, through Youtube, telegram, and our software to motivate them on a regular basis and to be with them in their hard times.

Happy Journey!


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